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- 22.07.2015
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1. The Prodigy Smack My Bitch Up
2. Motor X3Me Crash Test
3. The Prodigy 144
4. Motor X3Me Street Sport (Floyd the Barber Remix)
5. Dirty Dubsters Fire It Up (Fog Remix)
6. Danmass Gotta Learn Dub Pistols39 (Sick Junkey Remix)
7. The Prodigy Castbreeder
8. Uberzone Bounce
9. The Crystal Method Busy Child
10. The Boo Radleys Free Huey (Environmental Science Remix)
11. The Prodigy What Evil Lurks
12. Steril Chemical Bastard
13. Wizard of Oh Terminal Intensity
14. Hard Hop Heathen Crystal Jelly
15. Hard Hop Heathen Hard Hop Ree Bop
16. The Prodigy Narayan
17. Goon The bass
18. The Porn Kings Up To No Good
19. Freestylers Ruffneck
20. Wildchild Renegade Master (Fatboy Slim Remix)
21. Noisestorm Barracuda
22. TDT Every Single Sound
23. Oscar Tg Twisted By Nature (Champion Breaks Remix)
24. Bryan New Chemical Beat Gods
25. Davip & Imetic Puncture Wound
26. The Prodigy Breathe
27. The Prodigy Splitfire
28. Sniper Crossfader Dominator
29. Bibos Crew Piece Of Paper
30. [SC]Smash3r Lithium
31. 3D Stas Last Clutch
32. Tipper Twister (Hybrid A.D. Twisted Remix)
33. Phase Animator Moon Machine
34. Shystie Nu Style (Ed Solo and Deekline Remix)

? Miss Mants Biography:
Heading from the capital of Estonia, Tallinn, Maria (aka Miss Mants) has started her musical background at a quite early stage. Studying classical music at the Tallinn Music School, playing the piano for 12 years and her family's music background both ensured her path in music in the future. Starting on the radio in her hometown also allowed her to try herself out behind the decks and it did not take too long until she started writing her own tunes in collaboration with the local breaks fanatics. She's been heavily influenced by the sound of the early 2000s drum and bass and of course later on it led to the love of breaks music. Some of her main influences include Specimen A, Far Too Loud, Breakfastaz, Ctrl Z, Screwface, Backdraft, Dopamine, Beatman & Ludmilla or Vent. She lived in many cities around the world where she could expand her musical spectrum helped her to incorporate lots of different elements to her own style. From the hip-hop influenced New York or Florida and finally the core of breaks music, London. Moving to Budapest in 2012 finally gave her the opportunity to shift her main area of focus to music production in order to achieve a more profound sound. She is ready to bring back some of the nicest, fattest breaks to the anyway heavily house music influenced mid-tempo culture.